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Neither human nor machine
Neither king or queen,
The androgynous nitrogenous
Gas-powered bounty hunter.

The Sulphide Shooter
Rides a horse of pewter.
The folk-singing gunslinging
Wild west haywire wonder.

The Sulphide Shooter is a
for-hire heroine.
She’ll save the city
if you bring a wheelbarrow in (full of cash).
And you’d better throw your sombrero in,
(or your whole hat stash)
cause she don’t come cheap;
her missions are harrowing.
(but they’ll be done in a flash)

Yes, I’ll admit he’s expensive.
But can you put a price on saving every living soul?
Let’s hold a bake sale.
Take out a bank loan for it.
A quick fundraiser
will get us closer to our goal.

Fastest bullets in the west
Or wherever this is (south? I don’t know)
Coolest looking snakeskin vest,
And it still hisses!

You shouldn’t mess with
The Sulphide Shooter.
Make way for him...
Or maybe her.

She came from over yonder,
And though you may ponder
Her preponderance of steam powered parts
You shouldn’t squander
This chance to see a master with a hydraulic blaster
Blow away any bastard who can’t run faster than a gun.

The Sulphide Shooter is a
Full blown hero.
He’ll catch the baddie
if ya got the deniro (that means money, I think).
That's what the "bounty" part means
If that wasn’t clear.
No, he won’t run from a fight
He’s never felt any fear--

oh no--you’re two coins short of the total.
I guess the villain’s gonna get away.
I’ll spot you this once
Don’t make a habit of it.
This time it’s worth it,
to see the shooter save the day.

Fastest fingers on the wide frontier.
(and a telescopic monocle made of gears)
Granted, we didn’t check the whole frontier.
(and a sixpack of beer)

You shouldn’t mess with
The Sulphide Shooter.
Make way for him...
Or maybe her.


Howdy Miss Spinwheel. Mr. Drillgage I presume.
I ‘spect we’ll be working together, so just give me elbow room,
Mr. Hedley hired me to bring in this Crystal dame,
So once you take me to her, know that bounty’s mine to claim.

So you both seem skeptical that I can to the job.
My radar shows some 30 soldiers coming in a mob.
Let me show you what I do and prove my high pay-grade.
While fighting off the first wave of the phantom conqueror's raids.

A clockwork revolver springs from my fist.
Now hold my hat and watch this.

Watch me as I deactivate all these diamond drones
Through the exposed wiring behind the femur bones.
With a single trick-shot silver bullet I’ll display
What you can accomplish with a geometric ricochet.

A clockwork revolver springs from my fist.
Now hold my hat and watch this.


from Boss​-​Out, released January 26, 2017
Written and performed by Benjamin Simon



all rights reserved


Flyaway Frost and the Magic Turtles Omaha, Nebraska

Wonky glampop story songs. Always colorful, often strange, playfully corny. Think Animal Collective crossed with They Might Be Giants.

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