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Taffeta found a functional steamboat
Growing algae on the dank Lutz dock.
Then with a cannon stolen from the clan
She fought off the guardsmen
and I hotwired the helm with a taser shock.

She said, “We gotta fall backtrack to the factory fast
and attack that dirtsack and his pack of black oil diesel drones.”
But I shot back we’d be scrapped in about a second flat,
it’s a sad fact, me and Taff wouldn’t last alone.

With the deed to your factory
signed over to Valentine
The cops will surely take their side.
So our only option is to hide.


Then we’ve gotta venture deeper
Into the bog,
To find a friend of mine
among the frogs.

So we turned the steamboat crankshaft,
began the swampland slog
for an engineer
in the fog.


I trusted that Taffeta knew the way.
So many things I wanted to say.
But not among the slime.
There’d be a better time.


In the moss
In the moss
In the moss
In the moss

Deep inside the moss.


We were followed by Crockery’s punks.
(Taffeta: no surprise there)
Wormgear emerged from the greenwater gunk.
(Taffeta: out of the mud)
That bronze gonzo brute with an outboard motor,
(Taffeta: spinning around)
Ripping up roots with his big razor rotor,
(Taffeta: such a typical gasbot)
Grinning at Taffeta trying to goad her.

“My boss ain’t done with you,” that monster bot declared
“I can not rest till you’re broken or dead.”
Taff armed her cannon, and I armed my blowtorch,
The battle wouldn’t end til the marshland was scorched.

Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss

When the trees were charred and our hinges clogged,
(Taffeta: everything dead)
Wormgear retreated out of the bog,
(Taffeta: like a small dog)
Taffeta blew all his minions to shrapnel shards,
(Taffeta: without breaking a sweat)
And wrecked Wormgear’s rotor while I unscrewed his parts.
(Taffeta: decommissioned)
And told him to send Bennington our regards.

He sputtered away trailing black oil, nuts and bolts
Threatened to return with triple the volts.
Me and Miss Spinwheel pressed wearily on,
Til the lab appeared in the smog of the dawn.

Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss


from Boss​-​Out, released January 26, 2017
Written and performed by Benjamin Simon



all rights reserved


Flyaway Frost and the Magic Turtles Omaha, Nebraska

Wonky glampop story songs. Always colorful, often strange, playfully corny. Think Animal Collective crossed with They Might Be Giants.

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