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Drillgage, my friend, I should have believed you.
Dr. Bennington he really came.
He’s wreaking havoc on the swamp and approaching the ship.
To him destruction is just a game.

The spies you locked inside our factory furnace have failed.
They malfunctioned when their steam tanks boiled over--heated.
Thanks to your warning we have time to escape
And ensure that all the workers have retreated.


Come with me to Smokestack City
I have some friends who may be willing to help our situation.
They’ve been begging for my business since I became a boss.
Have you heard of the Lutz Corporation?


If you’re looking for a weapon,
A brass-backed bazooka or a rotary blade...

Then you needn’t look much further:
The Lutz Corporation has the world to trade.

Do you need a copper carbine?
A mechanical mandible, or a magma grenade?

We’ve got a solar-powered raygun,
A scalding steam leaf-blower, and it’s all handmade.
(with mechanical hands)


We can satisfy your need
To make things break or burn or bleed.

The Lutz Corporation is the best friend you never had.
We put fun and function together.
The Lutz Corporation is the future of humanity.
Soon we’ll own the concept of forever.


Good morning Mr. Hedley,
Do you remember me?
My name is Taffeta Spinwheel.
I am the owner of the water filter factory.
And I would like to offer you a deal.

I know it’s been a couple decades.
And normally you’re someone I would shun,
Since I’m the one who’s making clean water
And you’re the one who's making guns.

But if I finally agree
To manufacture for you,
Will you grant me
A favor or two?

Bennington has the factory
Within his control.
I need your bots to take up arms
And take back what he stole.


So it seems, by the sound of it,
You’re bound to astounding battlegrounds of the day.
I forecasted your pacifistic past
Would soon be blasted away.

So, of course, I’d be forced to endorse
This course of action, though it may be grave.
You both have such potential as heroes,
So sign here and the world will be saved!


The Lutz Corporation is the best friend you never had
(Best friend you've had)
We put fun and function together.
The Lutz Corporation is the future of humanity.
(Future of humans)
Soon we’ll own the concept of forever.

You can trust us we play fair and square. (Do not trust us we don't play fair)
Let’s do lunch and clear the air. (Give us money or beware)
Need a favor? We’ll be waiting there (We'll take from you, we really don't care)
To give the community their fair share. (Just try stopping us, if you dare)


So it seems I just I signed away the only thing I ever had aligned to my name,
I should have known that a CEO corroded as that old crow would go deranged.
They must be in cahoots, Doc Crockery and Valentine--
that Bennington will never ever change.
That sicko might have tricked me into switching up the rights to the mighty title page.


Read the fine print, kid.
It's time to get the boss out again.


Without clean water
our tanks will run dry.
Without clean water,
even humans will die.
We have to stop Valentine,
At least we gotta try.
My friend, come with me
Let’s take to the sky.


from Boss​-​Out, released January 26, 2017
Written and performed by Benjamin Simon



all rights reserved


Flyaway Frost and the Magic Turtles Omaha, Nebraska

Wonky glampop story songs. Always colorful, often strange, playfully corny. Think Animal Collective crossed with They Might Be Giants.

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