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The Diamond Sorceress was alive.
Her Lutz machines on overdrive.
The city twisted in her grip,
As she built her battleships.

But Clearie had a new invention
That she trusted to the Sulphide’s name.
A special steamjet water gun
To extinguish the sorceress’s flame once and for all.
So the five of us marched to the crystal spires.

Our new ally Wormgear cleared the way.
But if we failed our perilous mission
We would see the very end of days,
The swamp ripped by nuclear fission.

The smog had clogged all the bluest hues
Till the sun had suffocated away.
The smoke had choked all the proudest clouds.
til there was nothing left of the day.


I’ve been expecting you,
scrap heap rogues.

Especially you, Miss Clearie.

I owe you for my unlimited power.

But I still must dispatch with you, dearie.


A sweep of her plasma scepter
And all of us were blown back.
But the human among us,
Did not survive the attack.

... Miss Clearie...

...There's trouble in the swampland...

I hurried to repair the three of us,
As the sorceress spelled out our doom. (Sorceress: D-O-O-M.)
But she failed to notice the Shooter
Had disappeared from the tower-top room.

Riding on top of a pewter Pegasus,
The Shooter flew into the window of the spire.
One shot with Clearie’s precise water pistol
And she doused the sorceress’s fire.




Just as Clearie promised, the dichroic flame
Controlled both armies from afar.
But with the victory came a disaster:
The spire started falling apart.

I finished my repairs just in time
For us to hitch a ride.
And the Sulphide Shooter flew us home,
As the real Phantom Conqueror died.

But Bennington was back to his ways,
Reclaiming his gasbots from their craze.


Wormgear, you traitor, you were like a son to me!
How dare you turn your back?
No matter, I run the swamp now.
Diesel bots attack!


When the battle had ended
The alarm blazed red,
Most diesel bots were dead.
Bennington Crockery had lost his head, then fled


Bennington Crockery has the tank bots running, (Drillgage: they're gunning!)
But we’ll never catch him alone.
He’ll never forfeit the factory
So my chances of keeping it are blown.

As boss I must make the hard decisions,
We must erupt the power core device.
One of us must stay right here to do it,
And make the final sacrifice.


Okay, my friends, I’ll do it.
I owe you that much
For showing me how to feel.
Drillgage, can your tools tinker
with my fuel tank
to explode from within the seal?


Yes, but I must protest,
There's gotta be another better way.


Only I have the strength to break into the engine room,
And make sure that Crockery stays.

(Fuel tank explodes)



Taffeta devised a plan
to take Lutz Co. down.
After Hedley’s scavenger bots scraped up the diamond pieces
He became the wealthiest tyrant thug around.

The smog had clogged
All the bluest hues
Till the sun had gone away.
The smoke had choked
All the proudest clouds.
It was the end of day.

I built a steam junk robot spy
To work at Hedley’s station
And catch the corporate cretin
Planning to scam the nation.

The smog had clogged
The bluest hues
Till the sun had gone away.
The smoke had choked
The proudest clouds.
It was the end of day...

Inside my butler bot
Was a tiny wax cylinder spinning,
Recording Hedley’s words
And entrapping him in our sting.

Soon Taffeta had the swamp on track
And the smog strained out of the air.
And the water filters were in fast production
To make purity for all to share.

Taffeta this oily mess
Was necessary I guess.
We lost so much but did our best
And fate will do the rest.


As my equal
You should trust me when I say:
If we stick together on this sticky planet
I’ll love you till the end of days.


from Boss​-​Out, released January 26, 2017
Written and performed by Benjamin Simon



all rights reserved


Flyaway Frost and the Magic Turtles Omaha, Nebraska

Wonky glampop story songs. Always colorful, often strange, playfully corny. Think Animal Collective crossed with They Might Be Giants.

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