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Her parents reared their little dear as Crystal
For they could clearly see her identity.
And with an endearing surname like Clearie
There’s no uncertainty why she invented these

Nearly clear automaton bombardiers,
In her career for years as an engineer,
With a crystal piston chestpiece, with wrists and fists,
And moonkissed twisted gears sheer as mist.

Crystal Clearie
Crystal Clearie
Manufactures men from diamonds and glass.

Their insides could shatter,
But why would it matter
When their outsides can withstand any blast?

She grew up in the bayou, and blew up any guy who
Would try to invite her devices to fight.
The wicked men saw the wisdom in her digitigrade prisms,
The talking clockwork walking upright.

And the worst of these villains made a killing by drilling,
The millions of shillings-worth spilling out black gold,
Until he was filled in bout her skills and her brilliance,
He knew he could make billions,
pilfered bits to be sold.

Since that day she’s never left the sump and he,
stole her blueprints and he dumped pollution she
Stays in her lab her crystal men for company,
Running down the clock and plotting
(Drillgage: revenge?)--no, retribution.

Crystal Clearie
Crystal Clearie
Makes men out of diamonds and glass

Their insides could shatter,
But why would it matter
When their outsides can withstand any blast?

She resides in the quagmire, to hide from the crossfire.
The planet began its demise.
On the day she emerges, she’ll expunge all the scourges,
Squeeze the sponge full of petrol and lies.


Miss Clearie,
we need your help.
There's trouble in the swampland.
Miss Clearie,
Please do what you can.

And her guards nearly killed us on our arrival,
But she recognized Taffeta in time.
She dismissed her crystal men and whisked us both in,
As we told her of Crockery’s crimes.

She said “I’d really love to help you but I still cannot risk,
Letting my legion go to war.
With Lutz manufacturing his diesel-tank factions,
His numbers are too great to ignore.

But I know his robots, and their design was based off my kind,
So while I may not be able to convince them,
If you can get this crystal ball inside the factory furnace,
I can turn all his robots against him.

The orb contains a special gas that burns
it will release through the factory exhaust.
The pollution contains tiny nanobot germs
That will reprogram his army to follow my bots as boss."

Crystal Clearie
Crystal Clearie
A hero made of flesh and bone
She could save the world
But since she was a girl
She’d just rather be left alone.


from Boss​-​Out, released January 26, 2017
Written and performed by Benjamin Simon



all rights reserved


Flyaway Frost and the Magic Turtles Omaha, Nebraska

Wonky glampop story songs. Always colorful, often strange, playfully corny. Think Animal Collective crossed with They Might Be Giants.

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