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Tri-Lite Volume Three.

Dense, electric, and theatrical, Boss-Out tells the story of steam-powered automatons set to the sound of gurgling bass, mechanical beats, and restlessly shifting compositions.

Boss-Out is a steampunk concept album that follows the factory robot Drillgage and his boss bot Taffeta Spinwheel as they try to save Cogswallop Swamp from the clutches of the evil inventor Bennington Crockery and his bully billionaire benefactor Hedley Valentine.

I would describe Boss-Out as electronic wonky pop--and though it falls under the "steampunk music" genre, there are elements of cyberpunk and dieselpunk throughout it. Also, the music style is different from the typical baroque/rock genre that many steampunk bands stick-to, so don't be alarmed by all the synths!

This is the final album in my marble trilogy, using the nicknames of marbles as song titles. Volume 1 was Lucky Taw, a comedy sci-fi album; Volume 2 was Ring Taw, a serious fantasy album; and Boss-Out is a steampunk comedy/drama. The story is told primarily from the perspective of a steam-powered automaton named Drillgage, but many other characters will pop in to sing narrations and dialogue. Most characters can be identified through certain vocal filters or styles, but the lyrics will clearly label who's saying what.

And if you want to know what these characters look like, illustrations of all of them are included with a full download--or you can click on individual songs to see the track art, which usually depicts the character that the song is about.

Enjoy the album, and keep up with the machine!

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released January 26, 2017

All songs written and performed by Benjamin Allan Simon.



all rights reserved


Flyaway Frost and the Magic Turtles Omaha, Nebraska

Wonky glampop story songs. Always colorful, often strange, playfully corny. Think Animal Collective crossed with They Might Be Giants.

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Track Name: Earthenware

Years ago things were rather green.
Not from moss or patina, but clean.
Till a mad inventor made steam machines
And the salt of the earth drained the streams.

The Lutz corporation, led by a fiend,
Took these inventions, turned them obscene,
Gave Smotestack City a rust-ruddy sheen,
Filled Cogswallop Swamp with unspeakable things.

We need a mechanism to spread our wings,
Fly from the chasm to where winged things sing.
This pit needs a hero made of boilers and springs
With purity bolted to a floating golden ring.

Let me take you to a place
Where men are made from earthenware.
Powered by steam and passion
and greed pollutes the air.

Two rival survivalists rose to the top.
An automaton tom cat and his tommy gun chop shop.
And a Venus of genius cranking crankshaft cash-crops:
Crystal Clearie and Crockery. Their duels never stop.

Well Lutz drank up the profit, every cup and drop.
cleaned up the bloodstains with a hydraulic mop.
Treated humanity like a scrap metal prop.
And at the top of the pyramid sat that fat cat fop.

We need these industrial blimps to pop.
We need this over-funded freak show to flop.
This pit needs a hero to rise out of the slop,
To save us from these legal crooks and all these crooked cops.

Let me take you to a place
Where men are made from earthenware.
Powered by steam and passion
and greed pollutes the air.

But out of the algae came a gold-plated pioneer.
Built from a loom that spun thread and silk sheer,
Taffeta Spinwheel the airship buccaneer
Could save Cogswallop and the whole fetid frontier.

And with her came Drillgage her metal handyman.
Who was right by her side since their adventure began.
There’s water in the tank and oil in the can.
Batten down the patchwork, Taffeta’s got a plan. (Follow me)

Let me take you to a place
Where men are made from earthenware.
Powered by steam and passion
and greed pollutes the air.


Tri-Lite, Volume Three.
Track Name: Common

Working the line, like I’ve been programmed to do.
I’m drilling into bronze and twisting the screws.
I'm a copper robot built for factory fare
On the Cogswallop skyship pumping steam into air.

And over afar through the steam I can see her:
Taffeta Spinwheel, the elegant leader.
Once built for sewing gowns in the swamp sweatshop,
For decades she cranked her way to the top.

My oil pump is older but it works just the same.
It’s beating for someone who doesn’t know my name.

To Taffeta Spinwheel I’m nothing but a bolt-studded laboring thing.
And though it’s true I’m a common bot, at least I can sing.
I may never meet her, but what if I did? What would I say?
Well I’m just a common bot, but I can’t live this way.
I just want someone to hold, someone to cool my boiling fuel.
But I’m stuck here on the line, building filters with my tools.

I’m just a common robot,
And I don’t know a lot
But I know I'm in love
with the boss up above.

I'm just a common robot
and I don't know a lot.
And I don't know what to do
to get closer to you.

Inside the airship boiler room I overheard a word,
A secret that had come from a mechanical messenger bird.
Trouble in the swampland, but who could it be?
Dr. Bennington, the founder of our company.

He was my inventor, the man who made us all,
But he ran his robots down to rust, then doubled the haul.
Though some call him the father of the floating sky mill,
He’s no father of mine, he only fastened on my drills.
Now he’s on the way to reclaim his inventions.
I don’t remember much, but I remember his intentions.

These two bots whispered the doc had built more
(more of his bots).
An army of diesel drones to settle the score.
Yes, he was coming for all of us,
to restore his title as the boss.
He wanted Taffeta melted (and dead)
and spread all across the swamp moss.

I’m just a common robot
And I don’t know a lot.
But I know I'm in love
with the boss up above.

I'm just a common robot
and I don't know a lot.
And I don't know what to do
to get closer to you.

I’m just a common robot
And I don’t know a lot
But I know I’m In love with a gold spun beauty.
So I’m the only one
Who knows what must be done
Warning her must be my duty.

So these robots were spies
Sent under disguise
To be his secret eyes.

And when the time was right
He would unleash the fight
Take the skyship overnight.

Flipped my fist to a blow torch,
welded shut the door,
Sealing in Doctor Bennington’s boars
With the skyship’s boiling core.


Have we met?


Hello Miss Spinwheel.
You don’t know who I am,
but they call me Drillgage.
I'm one of your work bots.
I came here to warn you of Bennington’s return
to overthrow the factory.
We have to evacuate.
Track Name: Steely

It's not the shrapnel
in your steely eyed leer,
or that dark rusty feeling
I get when you're near.

I mean it all plays a factor
in my spine-grinding hate.
But mostly it's the way
that you derailed my fate.

Makes sense that you stole
when your soul's made of steel.
I'd expect you'd feel pride
if you even knew how to feel.

Enjoy all the profits
you degenerate slime.
You can use all those greenbacks
to mop up the grime
disgorging from your ego
and the scrap that you climbed
to achieve cretin status,
well, you just hit your prime.

It's overwhelming how while I want peace
you just want underlings.
Your underhanded ways
overpower your blunderings.

Over my dead body
will you hoard what the people need.
Your population overflow
is undermined by your greed.

Vengeance overdue,
Undertaken wormfeed,
No such thing as overkill,
For an underworld weed.

Enjoy all the riches
you carrion crud.
You can use your clean water
to wash the oil from your blood.
Won't be happy to see you
til you're under the mud.
You could still feed the world
when you decay into cud.

I started this company
To protect what we’re building here,
To defend from the nations
That are still wielding fear.

I can't think of a way
you could have made things worse.
You've splintered my future
My creation's been cursed.

Wormgear will destroy you
And everyone you love.
My copper cutter steamcopters
Bring death from above.
You’ll be the next to fall down
When push comes to shove.
The next time I see you
I’ll crush your heart in my glove.

Wormgear attack!


Initiating assault on the swamp.
Track Name: Lutz

Drillgage, my friend, I should have believed you.
Dr. Bennington he really came.
He’s wreaking havoc on the swamp and approaching the ship.
To him destruction is just a game.

The spies you locked inside our factory furnace have failed.
They malfunctioned when their steam tanks boiled over--heated.
Thanks to your warning we have time to escape
And ensure that all the workers have retreated.


Come with me to Smokestack City
I have some friends who may be willing to help our situation.
They’ve been begging for my business since I became a boss.
Have you heard of the Lutz Corporation?


If you’re looking for a weapon,
A brass-backed bazooka or a rotary blade...

Then you needn’t look much further:
The Lutz Corporation has the world to trade.

Do you need a copper carbine?
A mechanical mandible, or a magma grenade?

We’ve got a solar-powered raygun,
A scalding steam leaf-blower, and it’s all handmade.
(with mechanical hands)


We can satisfy your need
To make things break or burn or bleed.

The Lutz Corporation is the best friend you never had.
We put fun and function together.
The Lutz Corporation is the future of humanity.
Soon we’ll own the concept of forever.


Good morning Mr. Hedley,
Do you remember me?
My name is Taffeta Spinwheel.
I am the owner of the water filter factory.
And I would like to offer you a deal.

I know it’s been a couple decades.
And normally you’re someone I would shun,
Since I’m the one who’s making clean water
And you’re the one who's making guns.

But if I finally agree
To manufacture for you,
Will you grant me
A favor or two?

Bennington has the factory
Within his control.
I need your bots to take up arms
And take back what he stole.


So it seems, by the sound of it,
You’re bound to astounding battlegrounds of the day.
I forecasted your pacifistic past
Would soon be blasted away.

So, of course, I’d be forced to endorse
This course of action, though it may be grave.
You both have such potential as heroes,
So sign here and the world will be saved!


The Lutz Corporation is the best friend you never had
(Best friend you've had)
We put fun and function together.
The Lutz Corporation is the future of humanity.
(Future of humans)
Soon we’ll own the concept of forever.

You can trust us we play fair and square. (Do not trust us we don't play fair)
Let’s do lunch and clear the air. (Give us money or beware)
Need a favor? We’ll be waiting there (We'll take from you, we really don't care)
To give the community their fair share. (Just try stopping us, if you dare)


So it seems I just I signed away the only thing I ever had aligned to my name,
I should have known that a CEO corroded as that old crow would go deranged.
They must be in cahoots, Doc Crockery and Valentine--
that Bennington will never ever change.
That sicko might have tricked me into switching up the rights to the mighty title page.


Read the fine print, kid.
It's time to get the boss out again.


Without clean water
our tanks will run dry.
Without clean water,
even humans will die.
We have to stop Valentine,
At least we gotta try.
My friend, come with me
Let’s take to the sky.
Track Name: Moss

Taffeta found a functional steamboat
Growing algae on the dank Lutz dock.
Then with a cannon stolen from the clan
She fought off the guardsmen
and I hotwired the helm with a taser shock.

She said, “We gotta fall backtrack to the factory fast
and attack that dirtsack and his pack of black oil diesel drones.”
But I shot back we’d be scrapped in about a second flat,
it’s a sad fact, me and Taff wouldn’t last alone.

With the deed to your factory
signed over to Valentine
The cops will surely take their side.
So our only option is to hide.


Then we’ve gotta venture deeper
Into the bog,
To find a friend of mine
among the frogs.

So we turned the steamboat crankshaft,
began the swampland slog
for an engineer
in the fog.


I trusted that Taffeta knew the way.
So many things I wanted to say.
But not among the slime.
There’d be a better time.


In the moss
In the moss
In the moss
In the moss

Deep inside the moss.


We were followed by Crockery’s punks.
(Taffeta: no surprise there)
Wormgear emerged from the greenwater gunk.
(Taffeta: out of the mud)
That bronze gonzo brute with an outboard motor,
(Taffeta: spinning around)
Ripping up roots with his big razor rotor,
(Taffeta: such a typical gasbot)
Grinning at Taffeta trying to goad her.

“My boss ain’t done with you,” that monster bot declared
“I can not rest till you’re broken or dead.”
Taff armed her cannon, and I armed my blowtorch,
The battle wouldn’t end til the marshland was scorched.

Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss

When the trees were charred and our hinges clogged,
(Taffeta: everything dead)
Wormgear retreated out of the bog,
(Taffeta: like a small dog)
Taffeta blew all his minions to shrapnel shards,
(Taffeta: without breaking a sweat)
And wrecked Wormgear’s rotor while I unscrewed his parts.
(Taffeta: decommissioned)
And told him to send Bennington our regards.

He sputtered away trailing black oil, nuts and bolts
Threatened to return with triple the volts.
Me and Miss Spinwheel pressed wearily on,
Til the lab appeared in the smog of the dawn.

Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss
Deep in the moss
Track Name: Crystal Clearie

Her parents reared their little dear as Crystal
For they could clearly see her identity.
And with an endearing surname like Clearie
There’s no uncertainty why she invented these

Nearly clear automaton bombardiers,
In her career for years as an engineer,
With a crystal piston chestpiece, with wrists and fists,
And moonkissed twisted gears sheer as mist.

Crystal Clearie
Crystal Clearie
Manufactures men from diamonds and glass.

Their insides could shatter,
But why would it matter
When their outsides can withstand any blast?

She grew up in the bayou, and blew up any guy who
Would try to invite her devices to fight.
The wicked men saw the wisdom in her digitigrade prisms,
The talking clockwork walking upright.

And the worst of these villains made a killing by drilling,
The millions of shillings-worth spilling out black gold,
Until he was filled in bout her skills and her brilliance,
He knew he could make billions,
pilfered bits to be sold.

Since that day she’s never left the sump and he,
stole her blueprints and he dumped pollution she
Stays in her lab her crystal men for company,
Running down the clock and plotting
(Drillgage: revenge?)--no, retribution.

Crystal Clearie
Crystal Clearie
Makes men out of diamonds and glass

Their insides could shatter,
But why would it matter
When their outsides can withstand any blast?

She resides in the quagmire, to hide from the crossfire.
The planet began its demise.
On the day she emerges, she’ll expunge all the scourges,
Squeeze the sponge full of petrol and lies.


Miss Clearie,
we need your help.
There's trouble in the swampland.
Miss Clearie,
Please do what you can.

And her guards nearly killed us on our arrival,
But she recognized Taffeta in time.
She dismissed her crystal men and whisked us both in,
As we told her of Crockery’s crimes.

She said “I’d really love to help you but I still cannot risk,
Letting my legion go to war.
With Lutz manufacturing his diesel-tank factions,
His numbers are too great to ignore.

But I know his robots, and their design was based off my kind,
So while I may not be able to convince them,
If you can get this crystal ball inside the factory furnace,
I can turn all his robots against him.

The orb contains a special gas that burns
it will release through the factory exhaust.
The pollution contains tiny nanobot germs
That will reprogram his army to follow my bots as boss."

Crystal Clearie
Crystal Clearie
A hero made of flesh and bone
She could save the world
But since she was a girl
She’d just rather be left alone.
Track Name: Bennington Crockery

I love this city.
And it's mine to keep.
And though it may be gritty,
at least I got it cheap.

Welcome to the dawning of the
Gasoline machine.
Fall in line with the gears that grind,
Choose vaseline or guillotine.

Rebuild this whole factory
For rockets and fuel.
Those who try to rebel
Will learn the meaning of hell.

Just try to overturn us
You’ll be burning when we churn you in the furnace,
Aflame, ashamed.

At this point in the game you know my name.

I kinda think I’m gonna be the one to run a gunnery
And anyone who wanna make a run will get a ton of the
Atomic animatronic domination of autonomy.
You don’t wanna make an enemy? Then get it in your memory:
Auxiliary artillery will kill the one in front of me.

Maybe I can say I got away without it mattering.
A smattering of battery, a sadder bit of flattery.
It’s a matter better fettered at a madder hatter tattering,
A fatter cat anatomy, a tad of pitter-pattering,
the datum of a chattering about a better baddie: me!

Hickory dickory dock, call me Crockery,
Cock of the walk if we’re talking bout clockworking.
Lock, stock and doctorate cocky as Socrates
Pocket of chocolate blocked out of monopolies.

Hickory dickory dock, call me Crockery,
Cock of the walk if we’re talking bout clockworking.
A moniker of pottery I chock up to mockery
Robotic and chaotic, I’m the rock of the lottery.


We rode Clearie’s gem encrusted zeppelin
Back to the Cogswallop crime scene
Where Crockery and Hedley Valentine
Had command of Smotestack City.

Oh no!

Bennington Crockery, we’re coming for you.
We’re sneaking through the halls.
We’re the whispers in the walls.

We waited for nightfall to pull off the caper
And repelled down into the factory.
The inventor had poisoned the vapor
To the unsavory, unsatisfactory.

Oh no!

Bennington Crockery, we’re coming for you.
We’re sneaking through the halls.
We’re the whispers in the walls.

Taffeta’s voice command
got us to the main reactor.
Alarms sounded we had nowhere to hide,
Not counting the trash compactor.

The tank bots closed a circle around us,
But Clearie’s guard had us protected.
They set off their blown glass bombs,
Buying us time to do as Crystal directed.

It took four of my tools
To break into the power core hatch.
Taffeta inserted the mind control orb
Then I welded back the latch.

It would take several hours for the sabotage,
but before the escape we came face-to-face
with Wormgear.


Good to see you again, Miss Spinwheel.


Bennington Crockery, we’re coming for you
We’re sneaking through the halls.
We’re the whispers in the walls.
Track Name: Plaster China

Taffeta, please hold me, my circuits are blown.
I can’t believe you risked everything for me.
For me.
We left Clearie’s diamond bots back there with him,
But we should be safe in the oak of this tree.

You’re the best boss a common could ask for,
And I try not to ask for much.
But I'm happy just to be with you, broken as I am.
Happy to feel your touch.

Plaster or China
You’re perfect to me.
Plaster or China
You’ve set me free.

Has anyone ever told you how beautiful you are?
With your polished porcelain faceplate,
made from fine China,
divinely ornate.

And I know that monster just cracked it a little bit,
But please move your hands so I can get a better look at it.
You could have a face made of plain dirty old plaster,
And you'd still be beautiful to me.

Plaster or China
I don’t care what I see.
Plaster or China
You set me free.

My fuses are fading.
I don’t have long.
Thank you for staying by my side.
I’m sorry that this love song
Had to end
with a goodbye...
Track Name: Phantom Conqueror

Drillgage, wake up,
Your repairs are complete,
You’ve been shut down for hours.
Get back on your feet.

I’m glad you’re okay,
But I feel bittersweet.
I’ve got good news and bad news,
First: Bennington’s defeat.

Clearie’s plan worked
We disarmed his whole fleet
When his diesel bots betrayed him
He was forced to retreat.

But our problems haven’t ended.
I won’t be discrete,
For this next bit of news,
you may want to take a seat.


“...reports of a complete takeover of Cogswallop Swamp,
Including Smotestack City and surrounding areas.
At this time, authorities are not sure the identity of the culprit
but she appears to be commanding two distinct automaton armies,
The Moss Agate Police were unable to contain the reign of terror,
and it appears this phantom mastermind has conquered the people of Cogswallop. Who can we count on to stop this mysterious Phantom Conqueror from taking over the entire planet? Who will be there for the residents of the city, flesh and iron alike? Is there anyone out there who can help us?”


Clearie’s army took over the mines
Using Crockery’s cronies as drillers.
To drain the veins of the diamond supply
And replicate invincible killers.


I know you may be wondering why Valentine is here,
Since trusting Lutz Co. was a foolish thing to do.
But he wants to help us stop Crystal Clearie’s cavalry.
She’s made an enemy of the corporation too.

He paid for your repairs, and all your newest parts,
So we should hear him out.
And he believes all we need is to take down Clearie
is to make her armies turnabout.


She’s a phantom
Sing her anthem
She’s a Conjurer
She’s a tantrum
Say the mantra
Phantom conqueror


Hedley has hired the perfect pro for the job,
The best bounty hunter shillings can buy.
An expert at capturing any villain alive,
And then forcing them to abide.


And if you’re still with me, we must go along,
We can trick Clearie into a meeting with us,
And bring the hunter into the belly of the beast,
And let them do what they must.

Listen, Drillgage, I want you to know,
I heard everything you told me.
And if you’re still with me,
I’ll hold you if you’ll hold me.


She’s a phantom
Sing her anthem
She’s a Conjurer
She’s a tantrum
Say the mantra
Phantom conqueror
Track Name: Sulphide Shooter

Neither human nor machine
Neither king or queen,
The androgynous nitrogenous
Gas-powered bounty hunter.

The Sulphide Shooter
Rides a horse of pewter.
The folk-singing gunslinging
Wild west haywire wonder.

The Sulphide Shooter is a
for-hire heroine.
She’ll save the city
if you bring a wheelbarrow in (full of cash).
And you’d better throw your sombrero in,
(or your whole hat stash)
cause she don’t come cheap;
her missions are harrowing.
(but they’ll be done in a flash)

Yes, I’ll admit he’s expensive.
But can you put a price on saving every living soul?
Let’s hold a bake sale.
Take out a bank loan for it.
A quick fundraiser
will get us closer to our goal.

Fastest bullets in the west
Or wherever this is (south? I don’t know)
Coolest looking snakeskin vest,
And it still hisses!

You shouldn’t mess with
The Sulphide Shooter.
Make way for him...
Or maybe her.

She came from over yonder,
And though you may ponder
Her preponderance of steam powered parts
You shouldn’t squander
This chance to see a master with a hydraulic blaster
Blow away any bastard who can’t run faster than a gun.

The Sulphide Shooter is a
Full blown hero.
He’ll catch the baddie
if ya got the deniro (that means money, I think).
That's what the "bounty" part means
If that wasn’t clear.
No, he won’t run from a fight
He’s never felt any fear--

oh no--you’re two coins short of the total.
I guess the villain’s gonna get away.
I’ll spot you this once
Don’t make a habit of it.
This time it’s worth it,
to see the shooter save the day.

Fastest fingers on the wide frontier.
(and a telescopic monocle made of gears)
Granted, we didn’t check the whole frontier.
(and a sixpack of beer)

You shouldn’t mess with
The Sulphide Shooter.
Make way for him...
Or maybe her.


Howdy Miss Spinwheel. Mr. Drillgage I presume.
I ‘spect we’ll be working together, so just give me elbow room,
Mr. Hedley hired me to bring in this Crystal dame,
So once you take me to her, know that bounty’s mine to claim.

So you both seem skeptical that I can to the job.
My radar shows some 30 soldiers coming in a mob.
Let me show you what I do and prove my high pay-grade.
While fighting off the first wave of the phantom conqueror's raids.

A clockwork revolver springs from my fist.
Now hold my hat and watch this.

Watch me as I deactivate all these diamond drones
Through the exposed wiring behind the femur bones.
With a single trick-shot silver bullet I’ll display
What you can accomplish with a geometric ricochet.

A clockwork revolver springs from my fist.
Now hold my hat and watch this.
Track Name: Dichroic Flame

So we took the shooter (Taffeta: back to Clearie's lab)
right back to her
Trampled through gooey mossy bayou
to the secret laboratory (Wormgear: secret laboratory)
And on the way back lots of bots dropped in to stop us.
But Sulphide popped em with a magnet magnum and
hogtied them with a lasso of gas.

One of Clearie’s diamond bots just sneered there not in fear of us.
And with a giggle and a little wriggle said we’d never find what we were seeking anyway.
Crystal Clearie’s lab was built on stilts and it was always crawling along,
Like a giant pond-skimmer on the surface on the swamp now slowly sneaking away.

So I unscrewed all the parts of his circuit board,
rearranged some cogs pulled out all the clogs
Got myself access to his memory logs. (::PERMISSION GRANTED::)
And then I scanned through all the code that Crystal had wrote,
Surprised to find not a single line about the plan conquer the Cogswallop bog.

I heard she’s got a fire
Burning in her body.

And so I led the way to the secret swampland hideaway
With the drone bot’s clone thoughts as the treasure map for guiding our team.
And soon we came along to a cavern wall hidden by a waterfall
Protected by a smokescreen of blown jets exploding with a corrosive load of steam.

I heard she’s got a fire
Burning in her body.

I heard she’s got a fire
Burning in her body.
It’s got two kinds of colors,
With hues both odd and gaudy.

The Sulphide Shooter sniped out all the turrets
And with a singular shot she blew to smithereens.
Now with the jets off we crossed the waterfall,
And Taffeta still had the key,
But waiting for us was Wormgear.


Upgrade number three!


The Shooter cocked a clockwork glock
But Taffeta knew we could never beat him.
She dropped her cannon and
boldly strolled right over to meet him.

"Have I got an offer for you, my friend.
So before you go scorching,
You’re not a slaving soldier to a human’s command,
And I’d pay you a fortune." (Taffeta: I'd pay you a fortune)

And just like that
Taffeta was the boss
Of the baddest bot in Cogswallop.


Take us to Crystal Clearie.
Destroy anything that gets in our way.


Yes, boss.


We found the phantom conqueror with chains on her hands.
Crystal clearly hadn’t tried to divide the land.
The collective consciousness of the bots took command,
With plans to wipe out human kind and expand.


They’ve been building an unyielding sorceress to field the game,
With shields of diamond and my steel to seal her frame.
Crystal claimed we could tame the dame with perfect aim,
Put out the power source inside her, the dichroic flame.


Lucky for y’all, having perfect aim is how I got my name.


I've got your back, shooter.


Now sing along if you know it:

As robo as a gobo lobe of strobe light fighting
dynamite, that’s bright as night as noble biting
bytes of old binary, binding bits from a canary
fairy that carries a blaring stereo inciting
chronic monochromatic chroma key boards
of circuitry a two-by-four circus of cords.
Track Name: Oily

I should thank you, boss, for showing me
The world isn’t black and white.
Instead the colors bled
But still refused to mix.

This war, this petty greediness
it's not worth the fight.
Humans and bots alike pollute
And it may be too late to fix.

We should use less,
But we add to the cess.
We must confess,
We’ve made an oily mess.

Is there any way we can stop it?
Is there any way to mop it up?
Is there any way to plug the leak?
Can it still be willed to the meak?

We've made a mess.

You’ve convinced me, Miss Spinwheel
Your side is right.
Clean water is worth the fuel I spend,
But not worth the pain of loss.

I’ll work for you, just this once,
Then retire from this blight.
My creator caused this oil spill,
But now you’re my boss.

We should use less,
But we add to the cess.
We must confess,
We’ve made an oily mess.

Is there any way we can stop it?
Is there any way to mop it up?
Is there any way to plug the leak?
Can it still be willed to the meak?

We've made a mess.

I don’t want your dirty money anymore,
I just want to save the Earth.
To think all these years I’ve been running on oil.
How much sludge is this life worth to anyone?

And the love you feel for one another
Is truly an inspiration.
Who knew that, for junk like us,
Love was a viable sensation?

I know where the sorceress is hiding,
From the nanobots still in my wires.
I can break down the iron gate
And shatter her crystal spires.
Track Name: End of Day

The Diamond Sorceress was alive.
Her Lutz machines on overdrive.
The city twisted in her grip,
As she built her battleships.

But Clearie had a new invention
That she trusted to the Sulphide’s name.
A special steamjet water gun
To extinguish the sorceress’s flame once and for all.
So the five of us marched to the crystal spires.

Our new ally Wormgear cleared the way.
But if we failed our perilous mission
We would see the very end of days,
The swamp ripped by nuclear fission.

The smog had clogged all the bluest hues
Till the sun had suffocated away.
The smoke had choked all the proudest clouds.
til there was nothing left of the day.


I’ve been expecting you,
scrap heap rogues.

Especially you, Miss Clearie.

I owe you for my unlimited power.

But I still must dispatch with you, dearie.


A sweep of her plasma scepter
And all of us were blown back.
But the human among us,
Did not survive the attack.

... Miss Clearie...

...There's trouble in the swampland...

I hurried to repair the three of us,
As the sorceress spelled out our doom. (Sorceress: D-O-O-M.)
But she failed to notice the Shooter
Had disappeared from the tower-top room.

Riding on top of a pewter Pegasus,
The Shooter flew into the window of the spire.
One shot with Clearie’s precise water pistol
And she doused the sorceress’s fire.




Just as Clearie promised, the dichroic flame
Controlled both armies from afar.
But with the victory came a disaster:
The spire started falling apart.

I finished my repairs just in time
For us to hitch a ride.
And the Sulphide Shooter flew us home,
As the real Phantom Conqueror died.

But Bennington was back to his ways,
Reclaiming his gasbots from their craze.


Wormgear, you traitor, you were like a son to me!
How dare you turn your back?
No matter, I run the swamp now.
Diesel bots attack!


When the battle had ended
The alarm blazed red,
Most diesel bots were dead.
Bennington Crockery had lost his head, then fled


Bennington Crockery has the tank bots running, (Drillgage: they're gunning!)
But we’ll never catch him alone.
He’ll never forfeit the factory
So my chances of keeping it are blown.

As boss I must make the hard decisions,
We must erupt the power core device.
One of us must stay right here to do it,
And make the final sacrifice.


Okay, my friends, I’ll do it.
I owe you that much
For showing me how to feel.
Drillgage, can your tools tinker
with my fuel tank
to explode from within the seal?


Yes, but I must protest,
There's gotta be another better way.


Only I have the strength to break into the engine room,
And make sure that Crockery stays.

(Fuel tank explodes)



Taffeta devised a plan
to take Lutz Co. down.
After Hedley’s scavenger bots scraped up the diamond pieces
He became the wealthiest tyrant thug around.

The smog had clogged
All the bluest hues
Till the sun had gone away.
The smoke had choked
All the proudest clouds.
It was the end of day.

I built a steam junk robot spy
To work at Hedley’s station
And catch the corporate cretin
Planning to scam the nation.

The smog had clogged
The bluest hues
Till the sun had gone away.
The smoke had choked
The proudest clouds.
It was the end of day...

Inside my butler bot
Was a tiny wax cylinder spinning,
Recording Hedley’s words
And entrapping him in our sting.

Soon Taffeta had the swamp on track
And the smog strained out of the air.
And the water filters were in fast production
To make purity for all to share.

Taffeta this oily mess
Was necessary I guess.
We lost so much but did our best
And fate will do the rest.


As my equal
You should trust me when I say:
If we stick together on this sticky planet
I’ll love you till the end of days.